Hey guys, It’s Lolly and I can’t make my video today because It’s my last week of school and I need to study, I’m sorry it’s late notice. I’m trying to message a fill in right now. 


so idk whether I missed the memo but what is our topic this week?

From Rosie’s video I’d assume it’s something about being a role model
- Dalena

AllRainbowSquad MOVING?

(wow there’s a lot of new followers woo)
So what would you guys think of AllRainbowSquad and TheGayng having separate tumblrs? I’m pretty sure that TheGayng would end up having the main tumblr while ARS will start a new one. I’ve already talked to 80% of the squad and they’re all up for it. It would be more efficient for us (moderating asks, requests, organising fill-ins, posting and other stuff mainly) and less confusing and cluttered for the followers. (we might have less but hey, promoting is a thing)
It would most likely happen anyways for reasons but it’s nice to know TheGayng’s opinion on it. AllRainbowSquad would still post videos on the rainbowgayng for this week and next week before totally moving.

Morgan: I’m fine with it


Hey guys, I’m going to start to make a new banner so please give me a link or picture(s?) you want me to use. Thanks :)

- Dalena

what’s next weeks topic for the gayng?

hey guys, For my media end of year production I’m making a short documentary on Coming out. If you’re okay with me using your video from last week, please pur your name below and I’ll email you a release form :D

- Romy


Harriet :)

Leo :D


(Bridget though mine’s shitty so it might not be much help)


Justin bieber Just kidding Leah Jessica ! Carol


Isn’t this week supposed to be a funny topic, as last week was our serious one?

Claudia: Yes. I was wondering this too, but I didn’t say anything Romy: Yeah, we were thinking if just doing serious topics for a while because our views went down. We’ll probably start the serious/funny/serious once we get more subscribers and people know us better :)

Next week’s topic for the squad:

suggestions we got in the inbox that might be cool for next weeks videos

The squad: Crushes
An anon asked “can you guys talk about what to do when you are crushing on someone. I really like this girl and I’ve liked her for a while but I don’t think I’m her type. What do i do?”
Talk about experiences and try to answer her if you can :)

The Gayng: Relationships
“What they find attractive and stuff like that.”

- Dalena